Each employee at Deep East Texas Electric Cooperative plays a part in providing economic and reliable power to its member-owners. DETEC employs some 100 employees.

Bryan Wood - General Manager

Kelly Parker - Director of Operations

Jessie Morgan - Director of Engineering

Gina Evett - Director of Administration

Brittney Ford - Director of Communications & Member Services

Debbie Bonner - Executive Assistant

Brandon Reynolds - Billing and Information Services Supervisor

Verline Parks - Customer Services Supervisor

Heath Harbison - Fleet Supervisor

Edwin Henly - System Reliability Supervisor

John Koltonski – Warehouse Supervisor

Kelly Hays – Accounting Supervisor

Ty Tamplin - System Engineer

Todd Clark - Construction Superintendent

Belinda Welch - Payroll and Human Resource Supervisor

Chris Koltonski - Right-of-Way Supervisor

Shane Lightsey - Contract Work Coordinator

Casey Sowell - Safety and Employee Training Coordinator